What is Anal Sex?

Anal sex includes any activity meant to sexually stimulate a person via their anal/rectal or buttocks. Anal sex includes analingus (stimulation of the anus by the mouth or tongue) anal penetration with fingers, hands, sex toys, or a penis; or prostate stimulation/massage.

How to Prepare for Anal Sex?

The most important part of preparing for anal sex is communicating with your partner so that the person on the receiving end of anal sex is relaxed and comfortable. If the receiver is at all tense or uncomfortable, anal penetration will be uncomfortable and difficult. Anal sex does not necessarily need to include insertion, of course; analingus or teasing the anal exterior with hands or toys make great precursors or activities on their own.

anal sex lube

The other most important thing to bring to your anal sex is LUBE. Unlike the mouth or vaginal cavity, the anus is an orifice that does not self-lubricate naturally. It is vital to have a generous helping of lube to use in and around the anus before and during anal intercourse.

Not only will it decrease anal resistance and friction, but it will lessen the risk for microscopic tears within the anus that can increase your risk for STI transmission. Use a condom during anal sex as you would with any other type of sex. STIs can be transmitted through anal intercourse so use precaution.

If anal sex is occurring with the aid of a toy, it’s important to use a water-based lubricant that won’t degrade the toy’s material. Water-based lubes tend to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than silicone-based lubes so don’t be afraid to apply generously and often.

If anal penetration is occurring with a body part, silicone-based lube lasts longer and generally provides a silkier, slippery feel for easy insertion.

As with genital sex, foreplay prior to anal sex is highly encouraged to relax and arouse both partners. Lube application can be fun and sexy if done slowly and sensually. Start with a hand or mouth, or a small vibrator. Do some yoga breathing to release any leftover tension in your body.

When using toys for anal insertion, it is vital to use toys with a flared base. The anal sphincter is a very strong muscle and contractions will pull slim toys or objects into the rectal cavity if there isn’t a stopper at the end.

Some people prefer to use enemas prior to anal sex to empty their intestines of any fecal matter. This step isn’t necessary but can help some feel more comfortable.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

To be frank, if anal sex is painful, it isn’t being done correctly. Pain occurs when the person on the receiving end of anal sex isn’t relaxed and properly lubricated. The anus is an orifice that does not self-lubricate naturally – it is vital to use lubricant liberally in order to make anal penetration easily and therefore, pleasurable.

If the receiver is tense or not ready for insertion, penetration will be painful. Make sure to communicate, use foreplay, and go slowly to ensure that anal sex is not painful. If the receiver is properly prepared, then anal sex should be quite pleasurable for all parties involved.

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like?

An interesting question to answer. The experience is different for every person.

  • The benefits of anal sex for a person who is penetrating another include a feeling of tightness, more friction, and the intrigue of something commonly viewed as ‘taboo.’
  • The benefits of anal sex for a person who is being penetrated include a feeling of being more deeply penetrated, fullness, intensity, and extremely heightened sensations. Many women enjoy clitoral stimulation to bring themselves to orgasm while receiving anal penetration.
  • Some women experience g-spot orgasms from anal sex since the g-spot is located on the backside of the anal wall.
  • Men can reach orgasm from anal stimulation as the prostate, also known as the “male g-spot” can be reached anally. The prostate is the male g-spot so the sensations associated with it can be compared to being touched at the most sensitive part of the penis, but better. There are vast benefits of prostate stimulation. Some men claim that it’s the strongest and best orgasm they’ve had in their lives. It’s also good for your health – prostate massage is recommended by some doctors to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Some people enjoy using anal sex toys while having penile-vaginal sex for additional stimulation and to heighten and encourage orgasm.