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Masturbation can be a pretty fun activity, but it also tends to get repetitive and sometimes even tedious after a while. More and more people fall victim to masturbation lethargy as they don’t know how to incorporate something new into the equation and explore other aspects besides the good old wanking session. The idea of sticking an anal probe up your but is definitely nothing new, but it has been frowned upon by many people due to sanitary and potential hygienic issues. The important thing to point out is that these aforementioned issues only happen due to user errors and lack of preparation instead of being inherent.

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to try some of these plugs and probes, we strongly recommend looking into some of them. Furthermore, they are gender-neutral meaning both men and women can use them and experience orgasms that they never experienced before. Take a moment and check some of these models out and see if you can find something that meets your needs. You can rest assured that you won’t regret a thing because you can’t go wrong with these.

What we offer

We have plenty of different models ranging from simple ones like silicone plugs to more complex units like vibrating probes. It’s up to you to find the concept that suits your needs the most and have it delivered so that you can dive into the world of anal pleasure as soon as possible. One thing that we can safely guarantee is that your orgasms will never be the way they used to be once you start exploring backdoor plays. 

For example, if you’re a complete novice and aren’t sure what to get as your first toy, something like the. . . Read More...