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Many would describe themselves as electric in bed, but only a few can live up to that claim. All puns aside, only the bravest of them all indulge in a very exciting sexual fetish called Electrosex. This type of fetish includes special items that issue a mild, but definitely noticeable, electrical shock to the participant's erogenous zones. In turn, the one on the receiving end is rewarded with the feeling of satisfaction, created by "good" pain, and excitement, caused by the instinctive fear of being electrocuted. The participant that is issuing the shock is, of course, aroused by inflicting pain onto his partner, however, having strictly determined roles is not necessarily a rule in Electrosex. Role swapping is not uncommon.

Now, it is very important to note that you should always use specially designed toys and accessories for this type of fetish. Stay away from your regular AC sockets or any other electrical devices that can cause real damage. There is a high risk of getting your skin burned if you’re not using a careful approach. Thorough preparation and following safety precautions are a must, as well as having the right toys. That's why we have a very special collection prepared just for those seeking to quench their thirst for this type of kink interest. You'll be shocked when you see what we have in store for you.

What do we offer?

If done right, electrostimulation can produce some amazing effects and even lead to an orgasm without sexual penetration. Most products we offer come with multiple settings so that everyone, from beginners to more experienced users, can use them with great success. Using lower settings will deliver a very mild electroshock that will feel like a tickle or a short vibration. Similar, yet different to what would a vibrator feel like. Higher settings will cause your muscles to contract and might be slightly painful, depending on which body part is exposed to electrostimulation. Even. . . Read More...