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It is widely known that pain can cause arousal, especially for people who are willing to experiment with their erogenous zones. While some people are strongly against games that include pain, the vast majority of individuals who actually had an opportunity to experience a bit of harmless spanking gladly endorse it. There are countless levels of pain you can go through ranging from light spanking to extreme whipping. Depending on your tolerance levels, every level of pain offers a unique experience that you’ll hardly forget. If you’re an experienced BDSM adventurist, you’re probably already familiar with the wonders of this category. In case you’re not, we recommend diving into it because fun times are guaranteed.

Whether you like taking a submissive or perhaps a dominant role, we’ve got something for you. Take a moment and check out some of the models we’ve covered and see if anything seems interesting enough. Once you find something of interest, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your next sexual adventure and give “50 shades of gray” a run for its money.

What we offer

We’ve got something for everyone regardless of whether they are looking for cute and fluffy feather whips or a solid leather slut paddle. If you’re feeling mischievous and are willing to start an unforgettable adventure consider checking out our offers and see if you can find something to add to your collection of quality sex toys. 

If you’re looking for something rather luxurious, the Icicles No.38 Hand Blown Glass Whip is definitely worth considering. As the name suggests, the handle is made of hand-blown glass that’s nonporous and completely body safe. The main selling point of this. . . Read More...