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When it comes to sex in general, there has never been a time where we had more variety in how we can achieve that feeling of pure ecstasy. Whether it is with our partners or solo, there is a plethora of choices and options available to us. The variety mostly comes from the number of toys and accessories that we introduced to our bedrooms. Items like vibrators and kink gear have become a staple part of most sexual repertoires. However, these items require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to stay in pristine condition and be ready for another go. While you can clean some toys with nothing more than mild soap and warm water, others might require special cleaning products. We highly recommend you always use these special cleaning products to make sure that your toys are perfectly sanitized before you put them inside your body.

What do we offer?

The toy cleaning products you'll find in our online store are the ideal solution if you want to properly clean your favorite plaything. Almost all the products we offer can be used on a huge range of different sex toys. If you are a proud owner of a fleshlight male adult toy, having the Fleshlight Fleshwash Toy Cleaner at your disposal will make the cleaning process twice as fast. This cleaning solution provides you with a quick and easy way to solve all your. . . Read More...