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For some people, having the same old sex in the same old bed gets really boring, really fast. Some find solace in simple sex toys like dildos or vibrators. Others, however, need a little more hardware to get the juices flowing again. For them, bringing that spark back into the bedroom requires heavy duty toys like sex machines and what better place to shop for these sexy contraptions than HUSTLER Hollywood. Whether you use them with your partner or for your "me-time", Sex Machines are the ultimate choice for reaching those reality-altering orgasms. If you consider yourself to be hardcore to the bone and tough as nails, go ahead and check out our collection.

What do we offer?

For sexually active people, masturbation has always had an integral role in getting to know their own body and exploring their deepest desires. This is especially the case for women who often can't reach orgasm during intercourse, but manage to do it 9 out of 10 times while pleasuring themselves. Speaking of orgasm, sex machines can provide you with some of the most intense climaxes a human being can experience.

For instance, the Love Botz Versa Fuk Machine is intended only for the most hardcore women out there. This beast. . . Read More...