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When it comes to sex, everyone has their personal preferences. What they enjoy, and what they stay away from completely. For some it's certain fetishes, for others it's the use of their favorite sex toys. Then there are those who need a little bit of stimulation or incentive to overcome their soft limits. For some, the use of lubricants might be enough, but others require more assistance.

Rough sex is a very popular topic but it is certainly not for everyone. For those who enjoy it, it's the only way to have sex. It's either rough or nothing. When it comes to rough sex, it’s all about achieving maximum pleasure with the minimum amount of "bad" pain. You might be wondering what is "bad" pain? Well, it's the kind of pain that pulls you out of the moment and pretty much ruins everything. This is what usually discourages and pushes away people from trying rough sex.

Well not anymore. With sexual desensitizers, you'll be able to push through the pain and any inconvenience, successfully reaching that state of pure pleasure. They work on a principle of neutralizing any signs or possibilities of "bad" pain, allowing you to completely relax. Sexual desensitizers can be used in several ways, and can even extend your intercourse, but we'll get that a bit later. Let's take a look at what we have in store for you.

What do we offer?

Whether you're looking for basic Hustler toys or you want to push the level of kinkiness through the roof with premium kink gear- we've got you covered. As a perfect aid for introducing you to rough sex, sexual desensitizers have a very special place in our collection. While we offer a plethora of different brands, today we will be covering just a few to get you better acquainted with these amazing products.

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