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Proper lubrication is a very important component of every sex play. People who decide against it usually change their mind pretty quickly because nothing can beat a nicely lubed terrain. The important thing to point out is that not all lubricants are created equal, meaning they all come with a specific role whether it’s for anal plays, oral sex, or vaginal intercourse.

For example, silicone-based lube might last longer and offer a slightly better feeling due to being significantly thicker, but it comes with its own fair share of downsides. Water-based models are easier to clean, safe to use with almost every toy, and most importantly – they won’t mess up your sheets as much as other types. If you’re interested in exploring and are willing to experiment with some excellent flavors, stick around and see whether any of our models meet your expectations.

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There are over two dozens of different models available in this particular category. In other words, the possibilities are truly endless and you can find anything from conventional lubes to flavored ones to match your liking. If you’ve fallen victim to sexual lethargy and are searching for something new to spice things up in your bedroom, don’t hesitate to glance over some of our models. We can almost guarantee you’ll find something of interest, especially if you haven’t had a chance to try some of our newest arrivals.

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