Are you feeling extra naughty this night? If so, slip into HUSTLER Hollywood’s flirty outfit and prepare yourself for some of the wildest bedroom fantasies. Whatever kinky plot you and your lover think off, HUSTLER Hollywood features numerous styles of teasing and flirtatious bedroom costumes specially created to suit such role-playing fancies.

Our nurse costume will mend all lovesick hearts, or if you want to get an A+ in sexiness and be sent to private detention then our schoolgirl uniform is definitely for you! Every love life needs a little spice and we at HUSTLER Hollywood are here to provide you with sexy bedroom costumes to ante up that game of seduction. Whether it’s your wedding night, an anniversary, or you just want to transform your bedroom into a lair of lust, we have the hottest styles of costumes perfect for any special occasion.

What do we offer?

The vanilla costume of seduction is the French maid costume designed with the American burlesque flair from the late 19th and early 20th century. To honor that tradition, our selection of bedroom lingerie includes all the sassy and naughty outfits you can think of, which are, by the way, designed to beautifully accentuate feminine assets. Just imagine - a voluptuous decolletage, tight, low-cut top, matching stockings, garter, and apron that barely covers the midsection and shows off the bare mid thighs.

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