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Dildos have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. It’s one of the first sex toys that came into existence and is also one of the most frequently used toys in the modern age. Therefore, it’s safe to say that dildos are quite popular because of their simplistic, yet incredibly effective design coupled with an affordable price. One of the most frequent misconceptions about these toys is that they are the same as vibrators. While many of them share a similar design and have a common goal, some significant differences should be pointed out. For example, one of the biggest differences is the fact that most dildos don’t vibrate and the vast majority of them don’t contain any mechanisms. Instead, they are usually a phallic mold made of silicone. That being said, some dildos do feature a vibrating mechanism, which means that it’s not an exclusive rule per se.

If you’re interested in incorporating a breath of fresh air into your masturbating sessions, don’t hesitate to look into some of the models we have to offer. On top of that, these can also be used during couple plays as a useful prop for better and more intense orgasms.

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Whether you like playing with a massive black dildo or perhaps want to experiment with glitter cocks, we have them all! It all comes down to you glancing over some of the models we have to offer and find the suitable one for your requirements. The choice is pretty big and we can almost guarantee you’ll find something of interest. We have covered some of the most popular products in this category so that you can get a better insight into the pros and cons of these incredible toys. 

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