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Everyone can appreciate a good warm shower after a hard day's work. Usually, people tend to take this time and recollect their thoughts while enjoying a relaxing scrub from top to bottom. In these moments, it's important to have the right bath & body gels to enhance the experience and help you relax under a warm shower. For those with a naughty mindset who like to take care of themselves while showering or unwinding in the tub, apart from some special gels, we recommend using waterproof vibrators or dildos that will help you experience that unique underwater orgasm. Our bath & body category is full of amazing products that your most sensitive parts will especially enjoy so make sure to check them out.

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The whole shower experience is a treasured moment for a lot of people, especially if they love sharing that moment with their partner and even dedicate it to a bit of sexy fun. If you are one of them, it’s only natural that you want to give yourself the best experience possible during that time.

For people who love having silky and smooth skin, the Booty Parlor Pink Caviar Pheromone Sugar Scrub can help you in that department. This rich scrub is made from a lot of natural ingredients including sugar,. . . Read More...