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No matter what kind of sex you enjoy, having some kind of lube in your toolkit is quintessential in order to have a pleasurable experience. You might think that only people who practice anal or generally rough sex have the need for additional lubrication, but you would be wrong. We all have our 'off' days when we're not particularly in the mood, or natural lubrication just doesn't kick in. Even if you enjoy the sensation of pain during intercourse, dry humping is just asking for trouble for a number of reasons. Lack of lubrication can cause very uncomfortable irritations and, in some cases, even skin tears which can easily develop into an infection. Also, if you are a fan of sex toys, lubes are probably already an indispensable part of your playtime. Now that we established the importance of lubricants, it's time to determine which one is perfectly suited for your needs. There are many types of lubricants that can be used in several different instances. Thankfully, our collection features them all.

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The simplest way to make sex better, crazier, safer, and slicker, is to lube it up. Now, different lubes serve different purposes, so to get a better understanding of which lube is best suited for your needs, we'll need to cover them all. Probably the most widespread types of motion lotions are water-based lubricants. These products have a lot going for them, so it's no wonder they are so popular. Water-based lubricants are easy to apply and even easier to wash off, they are safe to use with condoms, compatible. . . Read More...