How to Make Your Partner Squirt Every Time

how to make your partner squirt every time

Get ready, folks, because today we’re talking about one of our most requested topics – how to make your partner squirt. Every. Single. Time.

These aren’t the tips your buddy gave you in the back of freshman comp. This isn’t the advice your weird uncle Gary told you after having one too many drinks. This is nothing short of a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to take your partner’s pleasure to new heights of toe-curling, leg-shaking, sheet-drenching ecstasy.

Find detailed info on how to make your partner squirt every time below. You’re welcome.

Set the Mood

The first step to firehose levels of squirting is to set the mood. Now we’re not talking about a bed covered in roses and a room lit by soft candlelight (though if that’s your jam, go for it!). Rather, we’re talking about communicating openly and honestly with your partner, then engaging in lots of foreplay. Remember, the road to the squirt is about the journey, not the destination.

Communicating your desire to help your partner achieve a literal explosion looks different for everyone. We’re not here to tell you that one way of communicating is better than another. Rather, we want to highlight the fact that, according to sex psychologists the world over, mental factors are the main barrier keeping your partner from squirting.

Bonus tip: check out this guide about how to talk to your partner openly and honestly about what turns you on.

So, talk to your partner! Let them know that they’re a strong, fierce, sexual being who can express themselves any particular way they want. If this is by having powerful, sheet-soaking orgasms – awesome! If they’re not comfortable with the idea of squirting, though, you shouldn’t push the issue. Remember, the name of the game is comfortability.

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

The next step of making your partner squirt every time involves foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay. Start off slow with some passionate kissing, a sensual massage, gentle neck biting, and more. Show your partner through your actions that nothing matters but their pleasure. Show them that your only purpose for the next few hours is to make sure they experience every single emotion and sensation possible.

Part of this foreplay involves making sure you’re properly lubed up for when you do reach her vagina. We recommend water-based lube, which has the added benefit of letting you use toys to help your partner achieve her full squirting potential.

Yet another part of this foreplay involves making sure you’re ready to go. We’re talking about trimming your nails (duh) and making sure you’re moisturized and shaved where you need to be (aka no prickly beard kisses).  

Bonus tip: try out flavored lube to add some tasty fun to the equation. Remember, part of helping your partner squirt every single time involves oral, so get wild and try new flavors!

Find the Right Position

We’re not talking about full-on sex positions here, but don’t for one second think how you finger and kiss your partner won’t affect how she orgasms. So, what are some good positions to try? Well, we recommend:

sex positions to make your squirt
  • Back Down & Legs Up – this is a twist on the missionary position and a powerful one at that. Your partner will lie on her back, but rather than keeping her ass and legs on the bed (or kitchen table!), she’ll plant her feet on the ground and hold them up. This position is perfect for deep, cervix-stimulating action.
  • Classic Missionary – there’s a reason couples the world over have missionary sex. Yes, it’s kind of vanilla, but it also feels amazing. This is especially true because it helps for some of the hand positions you’re going to use to make your partner squirt.
  • Sitting Up – this position is hot because it allows you to get up close and personal with your partner while getting them off. Have her sit down, spread her legs, and look you in the eye as you make her explode. Bonus points for some light choking and dirty talk.
  • Face Down, Ass Up – while this isn’t the best position to make your partner squirt, it will definitely work if done right. Plus, it gives you access to her back door, which you can work at the same time as her vagina for maximum pleasure. Just make sure she’s given you the green light first – nothing kills the mood like an unexpected finger in the wrong place.

After you and your partner find the perfect position, it’s time to start pushing all of her buttons at the same time.

Mix Clit, G-Spot, & Cervix Stimulation

This is the most important step to making sure your partner squirts every time. You can set the mood, have all the foreplay in the world, and find the right position to drive her wild. If you’re not working all three of her most erogenous zones, though, the result will be a bit drier than you’d like.

So, how can you make sure to mix clit, g-spot, and cervix stimulation? Simple – go down on her while fingering her at the same time.

Use your mouth to rub and lick her clit and hood. Don’t bite or pull on it (unless she’s into that). Make sure to try out different rhythms and mix up how you’re stimulating her.

At the same time that you’re giving her a mouthful of clit-attention, have three or four fingers working her g-spot and cervix. You’re going to want to have two fingers an inch or two in, stroking her g-spot in the classic “come here” motion. At the same time, you’re going to want to have your other two fingers pushing deeper inside her to help hit the cervix.  

A crash course on cervix stimulation – the cervix is at the back of the vagina. It’s sometimes called the c-spot because it’s incredibly sensitive and can produce an entirely different type of orgasms than the clit or g-spot. The part you’re going to want to find is the ectocervix, which is the official “back” of the vagina.

A crash course of how to find the cervix – use your pointer and middle finger to push as far into the vagina as you can. Don’t go in cold, of course, but make this a natural part of your play. You’re at the cervix when you can’t go in any further. Make sure to talk to your partner about this beforehand, because not all women enjoy cervix stimulation.

Okay, back to the fun stuff. Use two fingers to play with your partner’s cervix, while your other two work her g-spot. This is easier said than done and will definitely take some work to perfect. Don’t worry if you don’t do it right the first time. That just means there’s more playing in your future! You can also use a specially-designed g-spot vibrator. These are created with angled heads to hit and pleasure your partner in just the right way.

Remember to keep your mouth and tongue working your partner’s clit at the same time your fingers are inside. Try out different rhythms and speeds. Pay attention to her body language and see what works best with her. You’ll know when you’ve hit gold.  

Bonus Step: Find the Perfect Toy

Alright, now that you know exactly how to make your partner squirt every time, let’s move to the next level. That’s right, we’re talking about finding the perfect toy. Sometimes that’s as simple as finding a couple’s vibrator. Often, though, it depends on you and your partner’s preferences.

If you’re into kink, try out a sex swing. Not only will this give you access to all areas of your partner’s privates, but it charges the entire experience with an undeniable sexual energy.

using toys to make your partner squirt

If your partner’s into powerful clit stimulation, try out some of these clit toys. That will free up your mouth to focus on her thighs and other areas while bringing her closer to the ultimate orgasm.

If your partner’s a bit of an exhibitionist, try out some BDSM clothing.  

Whatever toy or accessory you and your partner settle on, you can find it at HUSTLER Hollywood. We’ve been helping people explore and embrace their sexuality for decades. Now it’s your turn!

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