Most women begin exploring themselves by taking the matter into their own hands. This is a great way to start because it allows one to determine what sort of stimulation they prefer. Perhaps you use your fingers to stroke the clitoris, or insert your fingers vaginally, or even do both simultaneously.

Once you decide what works best for you, you can move on to the more high-tech stuff. There is an incredibly diverse, wide array of styles of toys on the market. There are clitoral stimulators, insertable dildos, curved toys that angle for your g-spot, double and even triple penetrators. Here’s a guide to our favorites – don’t forget the lube!


Few women are able to orgasm from penetration alone, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, get grinding! Slap the ultra-realistic Vixen Mustang to your shower wall or bed frame or slip it into a harness to use with a friend. If you are looking for something a bit less obviously phallic, try the Tantus Goddess which comes in a majestic purple hue.

Clitoral Stimulation Options

Wand Vibrator

Known as the mother of all sex toys or the magic wand, there are hundreds of wands on the market. With plug-in, battery powered, and rechargeable versions, Le Wand combines sleek design with rumbly, powerful vibrations. Also works great on aching muscles after a long day.

Suction Toys

A truly genius innovation, the Womanizer was the first toy to truly master the challenge of simulating oral sex. The toy creates a seal around the clitoris and uses light suction and vibration to rapidly deliver a unique orgasm like you’ve never felt before.

The Bullet

the original classic shape hasn’t needed much improvement but studies are showing that different vibration modes can create very different effects. The earlier versions of the bullets were “buzzy,” or had high frequency vibration patterns, which can actually temporarily dull clitoral nerve endings. Opt for a lower frequency “rumbly” clitoral vibrator, such as the We-Vibe Tango, for a slower building, more, well, climactic climax.

Rabbit Vibrator

If you’re the kind of gal who prefers dual stimulation (penetration PLUS clitoral stimulation at the same time,) the rabbit is for you. A common complaint about rabbit vibrators is that one shape doesn’t fit all – everyone’s bodies are different and sometimes one end doesn’t quite reach or hit just the right spot.

Luckily there are dual stimulators of varying sizes and shapes – from small, cute mini rabbits (Fun-Factory Amorino) to much larger, above-average shapes and sizes (Jopen Vanity VR 12.) Another great compromise is the We-Vibe Nova, one of the only rabbit vibrators with a flexible clitoral stimulator that moves with you in order to get you where it’s good.

G-spot Vibrators

The trick to achieving a G-spot orgasm is pressure and angling. The g-spot is located about two inches on the back of the vaginal wall so a toy with a curve is vital for reaching this elusive bundle of nerve endings. Keep in mind, not every female body is going to be shaped for optimal g-spot orgasm, but we can die trying! Check out the We-Vibe Rave.

Its ergonomic shape is subtle and the vibrations are tremendous. If you can’t quite find the G-spot, use it externally for a phenomenal clitoral orgasm! Not sure exactly what works for you? Check out our more expansive vibrator guide here: Beginners Guide to Using a Vibrator