Hustler Hollywood Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019
Hustler Hollywood's Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019

HUSTLER Hollywood's Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019

The 14th of February marks a very special day on our calendar. HUSTLER Hollywood has always been about celebrating love and intimacy all year round, we live it and breathe it. That being said, when it comes to exchanging affections, there is no bigger holiday than Valentine's day. That's why on this special day, we want to give our best effort to provide you with the most naughty valentines day gifts for your loved one.

Finding the way to your special someone's heart is easy when you have our entire collection of sexy valentines gifts at your fingertips. We made the effort to select the best deals from every category and create this guide so that you can easily and efficiently find exactly what you're looking for. The idea is to make shopping for hot valentine's day gifts a fun experience, where we introduce you to some of our bestselling and top-performing items. You might even discover something that will tickle your fancy and fire up your imagination.

Choose from a variety of sexy valentines day gifts for him and her, and don't forget to pay special attention to our novelty items and small tokens of appreciation that can be an ideal way to show your partner how you truly feel. Here's what we've prepared for you.

For Her

Gentlemen, while you might think the 14th of February is just another day in the calendar, your ladies will beg to differ and will expect something extraordinary. Instead of leaving things to chance, we recommend you cycle through our naughty valentines gifts for her and find something she will absolutely adore. If you ever wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity for it!

Our hand-picked kinky toys are a woman's best friend and will open up a whole new world of possibilities in the bedroom. For instance, you really can't go wrong with a good old classic vibrator from our online store. It's great to keep her company when you're not around and will certainly be a nice addition to your already action-packed sex life. If she's into something more exotic, give her the gift of orgasm by purchasing one of our rabbit vibrators. These classic vibrators are bound to satisfy even the most demanding clits! Looking for something more subtle? Clit vibrators are on sale and can be the perfect instigator for a naughty session on the fly.

Whichever item you end up selecting, you really can't go wrong with our thoughtfully picked vday gifts for her.

For Him

Ladies, surprising your man for Valentine's day can be a tough task and we know it. It's arguably more difficult to shop naughty items for guys than it is for ladies and can be extremely time-consuming. That's why we went ahead and selected the most popular sexy valentines day gifts for him.

Some guys can be notably specific when it comes to what they want and don't want to use in the bedroom. Nevertheless, we are confident that you'll be able to find the perfect sexy valentines gift for him among our huge collection of adult toys. A high-quality fleshlight is a sure thing when you want to make your man happy and give him something to remind him of you when you're on a business trip.

In the more extreme department, we have cock&ball toys that are bound to satisfy his kinky needs. Looking to pump it up in the sheets? By getting him a premium penis pump, not only will your sex be better, but you'll also be gifting him the hardest erection of his life. Speaking of hard erections, a small but effective gift could be something from our C-ring category. You'll find that they come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for your guy should be a breeze.

There are many more sexy valentines day gifts for him to choose from, so be sure to check them all out, and if you need any help, we'll make sure to assist you in your purchase.


Exchanging a box of chocolates and a candlelight dinner might do the trick, but if you're an adventurous couple looking to celebrate Valentine's day in fashion, then you need to check out our category dedicated to couples valentine's gifts. If you ever needed an excuse to add a pair of restraints to your bedroom and elevate the levels of kinkiness, then this is your perfect opportunity. We have numerous items just waiting for you to pick them up.

If you're not looking for a particular item but are more than willing to experiment, you can easily spice up the heat in the sheets with an extraordinary pleasure kit that both of you can enjoy. Another great valentines day gift for new couples that are looking to start out strong is a bedroom costume. If you and your partner are into dressing up, there's an entire collection for you to explore.

Let's not forget that great sex requires high-quality lubricants, but just because it's great, doesn't mean it can't be safe as well. Stock up on premium condoms this Valentine's day, and the only thing you'll have to worry about will be the neighbors complaining.

Valentine's Day Lingerie

Did we mention how much we love Valentine's Day? We are so excited about it that we have prepared special sexy valentines day outfits, in order to properly celebrate the holiday. Join us and shop matching holiday lingerie and celebrate in style! By the way, who said you should only wear them once a year? The two of you can make a holiday out of any day of the week, all you need is a little bit of imagination and some hot lingerie to go with it.

If you're planning to stay in on the 14th of February and relax with your special someone, take a look at our collection of robes. Nothing is quite comfortable and perfect for an evening of relaxation like our sexy robes. On the other hand, if you're thinking to move the boundaries of your sex life, and make this Valentine's day a memorable one, you'll want to check out our exotic wear.

Stop by our stores or go on an online shopping spree together, and find out why our couples toys are bound to make your night an eventful one.

Kinky Gifts

Getting down and dirty shouldn't be reserved just for the 14th. We're well aware that some couples need an extra reason to explore their sexuality. For those who display their affection towards their lover in a slightly different fashion, we have an entire collection of kink gear to assist them in their needs. New or familiar fetishes are easy to explore with the right kind of adult toys at your disposal.

Here at HUSTLER Hollywood, we specialize in helping you fulfill your wildest fantasies and our vast collection of fetish sex toys proves it. Whether you're looking for collars & leashes or need a new pair of handcuffs to hold your partner in place, you'll find that our virtual shelves have everything you desire.

It's no secret that Valentine's day means a lot to us, so we decided to reward our loyal kinksters with special prices for our best selling items. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find your favorite kinky toy at an amazing discount!

Small Tokens Of Appreciation

Our novelty items are perfect for those looking to give their valentine a small token of their appreciation. If you want to show someone how much they mean to you, grab one of these unique gifts and both you and your partner won't be disappointed. It can be a simple pair of socks or a men's fragrance that will make your lover smell like Adonis.

There are many sexy valentines gift ideas, but nothing beats a good ol' book. Now, we're not talking about your regular romance fiction novels here. Our books are meant to teach you a thing or two and show you a couple of tricks that you can use in the sheets. Both you and your partner can use this knowledge and make this Valentine's day the turning point in your relationship.

Shockingly low prices and the biggest collection of hot valentine's day gifts to choose from, what more could you ask for? Hopefully, by creating this guide we helped you out in finding the perfect gift, but we also urge you to browse all categories because you never know just what you might find.