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So you've been purchasing Hustler sex toys for a while now and you've already got a small collection going. You keep your trusty bullet vibrator in your purse and carry it with you everywhere you go. You recently bought a special toy for your partner as well, so the both of you can explore new things in the bedroom. But lately, your favorite toy, your go-to gadget for spicing up a lazy Sunday, your main "guy" has been letting you down. There's nothing particularly wrong with your wand vibrator. On the contrary, it's in pristine condition and working like it was unboxed yesterday. But your appetite, your sexual needs, that is what has changed. You need something more stimulating to go beyond your limits and reach that toe-curling orgasm. However, parting ways with your favorite toy is hard, besides, you got attached to it over time. The solution?

Introducing HUSTLER Hollywood's Wand Attachments.

What do we offer?


Wand attachments quickly turn your vibrator from a single-purpose device into a modular, multifunctional pleasure machine. The possibilities are endless and, most importantly, won't put a dent in your wallet. Think of them as upgrades that will freshen up the experience and allow you to enjoy your favorite toy again. For example, maybe you've got used to the round plastic head of your most frequently used wand vibrator. Why not add some texture to it in the form of a Wand Attachment? This small adjustment can completely reshape the experience. . . Read More...