A burning desire to find new forms of sexual pleasure can take us through unexplored territory, but once we find them, there is no going back. These sexual interests are popularly known as fetishes and can range from limiting one's movement during intercourse to experiencing pain in different body parts. Sensation play fits into the latter but, contrary to popular belief, is not only limited to pain. It can be associated with everything that can heighten one's senses of pain, pleasure, touch, desire and even goosebumps. Often, it does not even have to include sexual penetration but, rather, focuses on stimulating different erogenous zones. If you're interested in trying out different kinks, having the right set of tools will be essential. As always, HUSTLER Hollywood is here to supply you with everything you need in order to be successful in your sexual endeavors. Here's how we can help you in that department.

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Like we mentioned before, sensation play can be divided into multiple sub-categories, where something as innocent as a soft touch or tickle on certain parts of the body can create and greatly enhance sexual sensations. Mixing hot and cold is known to produce great results for many couples.The chilly sensation of ice cubes melting down your chest can send shivers through your whole body. In contrast, introducing fire or mild electricity can also trigger a similar feeling for some individuals.

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