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When discussing a sensitive topic such as different kink interests, it's good to be aware that a lot of people that claim to indulge only in "vanilla" sex and stay away from anything unusual, secretively fantasize about being tied up or blindfolded. There is also the group of people that have not yet discovered these hidden urges and are just getting ready to unleash the passion within. However, they lack the knowledge and the courage to make the first step.

Whether you fall into the category of stubborn deniers or curious beginners, controlling your urges and suppressing your sexual desires is not always a good thing. Of course, we cannot forget the seasoned BDSM practitioners that are well aware that restraining from your fantasies and crippling your imagination will only leave you unsatisfied. We at HUSTLER Hollywood are here to help those who secretively or openly want to satisfy their cravings and fulfill their wildest desires. We will do so by supplying with helpful information and the right tools for it. More experienced users who already know what they want will also find everything they need in this category.

What do we offer?


There are hundreds of kink interests out there, so it's no wonder that there is also a lot of items that go with them. Certain items you'll find in our store are multi-purpose and can be used to serve several different fetishes. Not to mention there is a lot of interplay between them. This is why it is often difficult to tell whether a product is intended for novice users or more experienced ones. The bottom line is that both can use them with great success.

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