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Any item you buy from our shop will be an amazing addition to your erotic toolbox, especially those that are HUSTLER Hollywood approved! We look to cater to all our customers, but those with a kinky side will particularly be interested in what we have to offer. Years ago, we decided to embark on a mission and create a platform that will be a sanctuary for all us kinky sex lovers and a place where we can find all the right toys and accessories to quench our thirst for the 'unusual'. With so many fetishes out there, we had a tough job ahead of us. Nevertheless, we persevered and that's why today we have one of the biggest collections of king gear you'll stumble upon.

For those who enjoy the darker side of sex, we have everything from nipple clamps to fierce sex machines. If you're not ready for the hardcore stuff yet, but instead you just want to add a little bit of tease to your lovemaking, consider purchasing a pair of handcuffs and strap your partner's hands with them. From there you can upgrade to something even more involving like a sex swing or collar. Even if you're not sure where to start from, we can offer you expert help in the form of books and instruction manuals that will help you discover your kink interest. There is something for everyone, you just have to be open-minded and ready to receive it.

What do we offer?

The simplest way to shake things up in the bedroom, and try out something more than missionary sex, is to add a little bit of tease. The Hustler Fetish Unisex Leatherette Cuffs are exactly what you need to accomplish this. Nothing quite spells 'sexy' like leather combined with a steel chain and this model pulls it off perfectly. These handcuffs might look menacing, but they are actually very comfortable and you'll be able to use them for those prolonged torture sessions without any hassle.

When you get tired of. . .