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If you've been in a relationship for a long period of time, chances are that the excitement and the feeling of newness have withered away. Relationship slumps are a common occurrence but definitely not something you should ignore. Let's be honest, It has happened to every one of us at least once. In the beginning, everything was spontaneous. The sex was new and felt great right from the get-go. You had so much to talk about, until, suddenly, everything just became the same old routine. Now, you might be asking yourself who's fault is this, but instead, you should be looking for a solution.

Thankfully, here at HUSTLER Hollywood, we specialize in bringing back the spark to monotonous relationships and adding some liveliness to your sex life. If adding new sex toys is what keeps you excited in the bedroom, feel free to check them out, there sure is plenty to go around. However, we urge you to consider a somewhat old-school, but proven method. Yes, we're talking about good old naughty DVDs. Especially those that are perfect for binge-watching on a sexy Sunday night as a couple. Take a quick dive into our collection.

What do we offer?


Couple’s DVDs are a broad category so everyone can find something that fits into the style of porn they prefer. From passionate lovemaking to kinky voyeurism and wife sharing, we've got them all. Fresh new releases, featuring some of the sexiest bright and upcoming stars are just a click away from your DVD player. If roleplaying is your thing, there's no better place to find your fix of costume wearing porn stars, working their magic.

Speaking of which, the swashbuckling sex-tale Pirates is full of dashing ladies running. . . Read More...