Sexting Over 30: What You Need to Know

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Sexting, otherwise known as the sibling of sending nude pictures, is a common act among teenagers, college students and 20-somethings alike. Anyone who has ever sent a (consensual) sext, knows it is a sexy, riveting and exciting experience, especially when it’s with someone whose pictures you’d like to see in real life.

So, how exactly did sexting come about? How exactly does someone in their 30’s sext like they were 19, undeniably horny at any given time and skipping class to get it on with their college fling? Hint: Snapchat is a staple sexting app. Keep on reading for the history of sexting and how to keep your inbox spicy as you get older.

Simple Beginnings

According to The Atlantic, the word “sexting” first appeared in a 2004 article on explicit texting by Canada’s The Globe and Mail. The article mentioned sexual text messages that occurred between David Beckham and an assistant, and it is the first apparent use of the phrase “sext messaging” that was said on a news platform. “For many people,” the article also mentions, “'sext messaging' has a disinhibiting effect, like having a couple of cocktails.”

The Globe wrote, “Text messaging (also known as Short Message Systems or SMS) has become the new phone sex,” as well as offering advice for sexting, if one is so eagerly inclined to do so. As for slang that never really caught on over the past 14 years, the article used the phrase “having a textie” as a reference to sexting. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Adults & “Texties”

Since “texties” wasn’t made a thing before, we’re going to make it one now. Anyway, if you said you’d never sent a sexy text to a significant other or fwb, would we believe you? The answer is no, absolutely not. In a 2015 sexting study done by Drexel University, more than eight out of ten adults ages 18 to 82 have sent a risque text to a partner. That’s 88%. Besides that, 96% of adults actually endorse sexting. Let’s be real, though – who wouldn’t?

74% of study participants admitted to sexting with a partner in a committed relationship, with 43% having done so with someone in a casual relationship and 12% having sexted someone in an unfaithful relationship. However, just keep one thing in mind: when it comes to sexting, make sure you are never in that 12%.

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Don't be the guy that just sends pics of your junk. Get creative!

Snapchat’s Sexting Impact

Unless you have completely closed yourself off from society and are adamant in never being even remotely well-versed in pop culture, you have definitely heard of, or have, Snapchat. Here’s the deal with Snapchat: whether you’re 18 or 38, even if you love it or hate it, no one cannot deny that it is the perfect app to sext on. On Snapchat, any photos you send to someone are only viewable from one to 10 seconds, unless you choose to send it with their relatively new infinity feature. Any Snaptexts automatically disappear, too, unless you or your partner decide to save them in that chat. On top of this, you can send photos in a Snaptext conversation, and like the texts themselves, these will automatically disappear unless they are saved.

The coloring feature on Snapchat makes it easy for you to edit out your face or any recognizable parts of your pic if you’re particularly paranoid during your sextscapade with someone new – or if you just want to highlight what really matters in the pics you’re sending.

Lay Back in Lingerie

Next time you want to send your partner a peak of what you look like before you see each other, try putting on some lingerie – then send a video instead. Hustler Hollywood has every kind of lingerie you desire to turn your partner on like never before.

Slip on our Seven Til Midnight Cross Dye Lace Teddy Set, or maybe our Oh La La Cheri High Waist Shelf Bra Lingerie Set. Sit in a sexy pose, and using the front-camera feature (or back camera if you’re in front of a mirror, or really flexible), record everything that’s waiting at home for them.

Slowly pan over your body to show off your barely-there lingerie ensemble. Now that Snapchat allows for up to a minute of recording, feel free to show how you touch yourself to really spark them up. Follow up with a sexy caption (“This is what happens when I think of you on top of me,” “Get home now”), and you’re set.

Send These Sexts ASAP

Yes, sexting via Snapchat is always a good time, but there’s nothing sending some spicy messages through an actual text. Many people associate sexting over text with the eggplant emoji as a phallic reminder, but it can come off as more funny than sexy. If you absolutely need to use it, do so sparingly, for the love of everything that isn’t a complete vaginal desiccant. As we mentioned before, always make sure your sexting adventures are consensual.

It may feel a bit silly to type out what is so easily said in an in-person moment of lust and passion, but doing so is way easier and sexier than many give it credit for. Consider using these lines next time you’re sexting if you want to really make the person you’re hooking up with hot and bothered:

  • “You know, I thought of something I’d love to do to you tonight.”
  • “You always feel so good inside of me.”
  • “Being inside of you always feels so good.”
  • “I need you to tell me what you think about us doing when you masturbate.”
  • “I’m going to tease you until you can’t physically take it anymore.”
  • “I’m so wet for you right now.”
  • “Thinking of you has me rock hard.”
  • “I’d bust a mission and a half to be inside of/riding you right now.”
  • “I want you to lick slowly over my [body part you desire to be licked] until I can’t handle it anymore.”

Definitely be creative in the sexting process, and tailor it towards what you and your partner like. Don’t be afraid to be as kinky (or vanilla, there is no shame in what you like) as you desire. From your full-time job, squeezing in the gym and remembering to make yourself food, it can be difficult to let off some steam with your partner in-person as often as you’d like. Sexting makes it easy to fill in the gaps until you can get your hands on each other again.

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