10 Sex Toys You Never Knew Existed

10 Sex Toys You Never Knew Existed

If you’re feeling a bit frisky, but you’re bored with bullets and your bedside vibrator just isn’t cutting it - you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a sea of sex toys out there. While that sounds like a great problem to have, it can make it difficult when you’ve got to pick one. Imagine: you’re craving some hot solo action but have to dig through page after page of toy after toy. To make matters worse, the majority of the toys out there are straight up bor-ing. Cutesy bunnies and butterflies have their place - but you’re not a teeny bopper giggling at the counter as you buy your first dildo. This is far from your first rodeo.

You want different. You want stimulation in ways you didn’t know were possible. You’re feeling adventurous and looking to conquer new territory. But there’s more to a good sex toy than kink - what good is it if it doesn’t get you off? So we’ve scoured the internet for you to bring you 10 of the wildest, out-there sex toys we bet you never knew existed (you’re welcome).

Kink by Doc Johnson Swell Auto Nipple Sucker Cups

Nipple Sucker Sex Toy

We almost missed this one (thought it was a stethoscope at first glance) but thank your kinky stars we did a double take. Finally! A toy designed to show the nips some love. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, vibrating sucker cups are shaped perfectly to tease your nipples into arousal. The responsive remote can adjust the multiple vibration patterns and raise or lower the vibration intensity. Beautifully simple, this toy is great for men, women, solo, or partner play.

Nasstoys Kinki Stix Finger Ring Massager

Finger Ring Massager

While vibrators are nothing new, we love the novelty of this massager that’s intentionally inconspicuous. If this didn’t have kinky in the name, we wouldn’t have known this was actually a sex toy. That’s exactly what the manufacturers were going for actually, “pretty and nonsexual in appearance” is their claim. It’s suggested to be worn as a pendant or attached to a keychain - would you dare wear your vibe out in public? Our mind is racing with the possibilities. The Kinki Stix Finger Ring is teeny tiny, measuring in at a whopping two inches tall, waterproof, and battery operated.

Clandestine Devices Mimic Massager Seafoam

MIMIC Massager

The MIMIC made our list because of if it’s intriguing - almost hypnotic - design (ie: uncanny likeness to an aquatic creature). We came for the looks, but we’re staying for the all-body stimulation. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, this massager is designed “to bring pleasure all over your body, from your nipples to your toes” Nipples? Oh yes. Toes? Bring it on.

It has eight powerful vibrational patterns that can be focused on a particular area or used all over - whoa! And it’s thin enough to be used during intercourse. Seems too good to be true? We assure you, this is the real deal and it gets better: rechargeable (goodbye batteries!), travel locks, and LED base for the times you need to light things up in the bedroom. If it works half as well as it looks, you’re going to be absolutely blown away by this one.

Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath

Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath

Advertised “for domineering Masters and hungry Mistresses,” even the name of this one has us intrigued! Oxballs’ is an innovative new spin on cock extenders, boasting soft, smooth, and fleshy material for your ultimate pleasure. Oh and there’s the thoughtful design to accommodate the testicles and a pleasurable fit for penises of all sizes.

Not only does the Cocksheath add up to two inches of girth and length to your member, but the inside offers textured ridges that make it a treat for wearer and receiver alike. The sheath comes with an insert that locks in place for the most comfortable wear and can fit up to eight inches. Maintenance is super easy: warm water and your favorite toy cleaner will do the trick. Just be sure to dry the two parts separately otherwise sticking may occur.

The Accomodator Chin Strap Dildo BLACK

Chin Strap Dildo

‘Using your head’ has a whole new interpretation with The Accomodator. This chin strap dildo is a latex wearable that allows for simultaneous, hands-free vaginal and anal stimulation. Upgrade oral sex with this exotic sex toy that takes you up close and personal to your lover’s pleasure points. This contraption may seem intimidating but it’s actually very beginner friendly (just be sure to use lube every time in order to fully enjoy it).

Frisky Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-Spot Glove

Vibrating G-Spot Glove

Put the power of great orgasms in the palm of your hand - literally. This uniquely shaped wearable uses high-tech sensations to stimulate the G-spot with a design that provides simplistic intimacy not found in many toys. Slip your first two fingers into the ribbed sleeve for pleasure by penetration and then activate the vibrating bullet for toe-curling vibrations to the G-spot. Stretchy, washable, and batteries included...have fun ladies!  

O-zone Orgasmic Tongue Red

Licking Simulator Vibrator

“You go down on me too much,” said no woman ever. If you need more cunnilingus in your life, then you need the Orgasmic Tongue. This tiny tongue-shaped vibe features a powerful motor that buzzes, vibrates, and throbs in ten distinct patterns (a.k.a. the perfect simulation of your favorite lover). And no need for batteries! This toy recharges through a USB on the discreet-looking remote making it perfect for any woman on the go.  

Vixen Ride On Vanilla Dildo

Ride On Dildo

The only thing “vanilla” about this dildo is the name of it. This awesome gadget makes erections optional. A hybrid between strap-ons and dildos, the Vixen is a wearable extension that enables men to pleasure their lovers without being hard. To use, simply slip the soft, silicone ring over the ballsack and enjoy. This toy is great for any partner wanting to keep the lovemaking going in-between erections or for those with erectile dysfunction.  

Autoblow 2 Men's Masturbator  

Automatic Oral Sex Machine

Recently, there’s been a lot of hype around Fleshlights and pocket pussies (well deserved, we must admit). If you like those, then you’re going to love this automated toy that mimics a blowjob. If you weren’t convinced that the future is here, this amazingly realistic oral simulator is your wake up call.

The Autoblow 2 is incredibly easy to use: apply a water-based lube to the entryway and let the advanced mechanics do the rest. Three rows of beads will snugly grab your member while stroking up to six inches of your penis. With various sizes to accommodate all girths, men of all sizes can enjoy.   

Love Botz Pandora's Box Sex Machine

Portable Sex Machine

Search “sex toy” and there’s a significant chance that you’ve seen one of these bad boys featured in a video (so you might already know that sex machines exist!) but did you know that a convenient, portable sex machine was out there?

This treasure trove of pleasure includes a seven-inch penis dildo attachment, a vibrating probe and rocket, and a compatible pussy attachment that can be purchased separately. The case itself is thirteen inches long, 6.6 inches wide, 10.75 inches tall, giving a whole new meaning to “good things come in small packages.”

The Wrap Up

Our kinky countdown has come to an end, but there’s still a whole world of undiscovered sex toys out there. For solo or partner play alike, it’s time for you to take your sex life to the next level. If you were inspired (or turned on) by these 10 sex toys you never knew existed, ditch your boring dildo and check out Hustler Hollywood’s incredible selection of not-boring sex toys.

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